First Step

Being the oldest sibling in Korea means a lot of responsibilities, at least in my family it is. I don’t know what other Korean/Korean American families are like so I can only speak for myself. Expectation as the oldest meant that I had to be the second parent for my little brother. Meaning, if there… Read More First Step

Just when I thought I finally got somewhere, a place I could feel a little secured and relaxed, something else comes along the way and distract my thoughts. My mind becomes too congested with unnecessary thoughts derived from fear. Why is it that fears constantly follow me and I let it overpower me? I wish… Read More

I am in a lonesome competition. I find myself constantly comparing myself to others and try to compete with them. That girl is skinnier than me. That girl is prettier than me. That girl is more fashionable. That girl is more intelligent. That girl is more outgoing. Then I look at myself and ask, what’s… Read More

Time is flying and the days are getting shorter. The wind is cool and the sun isn’t as strong as before. There are already few dead leaves crowding the sidewalk. My search in life still continues. My first “real” job. My first apartment.My first salary.My first bill. The beginning of independence. It’s exciting and frightening.… Read More

I know you hate me. Maybe hate is a strong word, but either way I know you don’t like me. But hey, we’re on the same page here. I don’t like you either. Maybe hate is a more suitable word. But hey, I don’t give a shit and you don’t give a shit. So let’s… Read More

Someone told me that positive stereotypes are good thing because we are then imposing positive perspective on groups of people instead of the negative which is what stereotypes are largely associated with. By encouraging positive stereotypes he commented that this may overpower the negative prejudices and therefore everyone won’t have to face offensive bias statements… Read More